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The London Independent Film Festival (LIFF) is devoted to the advancement of first- and second-time filmmakers telling amazing stories with limited budgets. Hosted every spring at the Genesis cinema – repeatedly voted the best cinema in the UK – the 2024 London Independent Film Festival will screen the work of almost 100 filmmakers from around the world. Stretching over 10 days with numerous industry events, LIFF offers an unmissable opportunity for networking and building collaborations for future projects. It’s little wonder that Time Out Magazine has called LIFF “a treasure trove of undiscovered cinematic gems, one of Europe’s top indie film fests”.
With a reputable support system for emerging filmmakers, LIFF includes popular training programs run by industry professionals who understand the ins and outs of moving a filmmaker’s career to the next level.

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LIFF have confirmed the 21th edition which will be at Genesis Cinema 19th-28rd April 2024!

Submissions for 2024 are closed!

NOTE: all film submissions are preferred via Film Freeway.

Preview format must be digital online screener. Submit either through a festival submission platform’s internal screener (like Film Freeway) or via a hosting site like Vimeo. If you are unable/unwilling to use digital submission, please contact us and we’ll work something out.

If you are submitting more than one entry, a separate submission is required for each film.

Deadlines: Check FilmFreeway for more information.

Fees for feature films are £65 early, £70 regular, £75 late.
Fees for short films are £40 early, £45 regular, £50 late.
Music videos and short shorts: £25 early, £30 regular, £35 late.
Fees for feature scripts are £40 early, £45 regular, £50 late.
Fees for short scripts are £25 early, £30 regular, £35 late.
Please send any related press materials, including electronic press kit, and photos to info@liff.org

The London Independent Film Festival is open to UK as well as international films in one of the following categories:

Best Low-budget Feature (over £100k)
Best Micro-budget Feature (under £100k)
Best No-Budget Feature (under £10k)
Best UK Feature
Best Documentary
Best Sci-Fi / Horror Feature
Best Female Director Feature
Best LGBT film
Best Short Film
Best UK Short
Best Short Documentary
Best Animated Short
Best Experimental Short
Best Short Short
Best Horror / Sci-Fi Short
Best Music Video
(b) Screenplay Award categories:
Best Feature Screenplay
Best Sci-Fi / Horror Screenplay
Best UK Screenplay
Best Short Screenplay
Best Screenplay Pitch

All stated information, eligibility and submission guidelines, terms and conditions of entry, and entry information is subject to change by the London Independent Film Festival, without notice.


Programme and Tickets

5 Seconds by Aayushi Patel
A Forest by Cameron Stewart
A Little Flavour by Rebekah Murrell
All Is Calm by Daniel Kavanagh
Another Life by Jane Gull
Ash Wednesday by Cassie Barraclough
Beautiful Things by Maya Zupano
Beholden by Leon Lopez
Blanks & Tabs: A story of Love, Puzzles and finding an Antidote for the Hard Times by Josh Spindler
Bluebells by Penelope Mazza
Crossfire by Sarah Nicholls
Dancing Shoes by Bim Adaji
Deserters by Guido Zanghi
E-Wing by Oscar Flohr
End of Infinity by Flora Charlotte Lopategui
Fighting For Rachel by Ciara Robley
Finger Food by Jacob Dudman
First Anniversary by Abed Al-Hadi Deiry
Good Intentions by Yasen Zates Atour
Guts by Florence Winter Hill
Hard Times by Elliott Gonzo, Elliot Warren
Hedgehog by Adam Smethurst
Internal Abyss by Heléna Antonio
I Wonder What’s Keeping My True Love Tonight by Harry Baker
Immune by Jonathan Stephen Brooks
Into the Pass by Oliver Kidd, Monty Tremlett
Journey toward my Sister by Christopher Anthony Tajah
Lashing Out by Dionne Wynn
Leaning In by Orla Grace Worthington
Legacy by Harry Hadden-Paton
Life of Riley by Lisa Datz
Like Going to a Hardware Store for Bread by Roque Nonini
Losing It by Elise Martin
Mates by Elly J Philipp
Meet Me Where I Am by Jasper Rouse
More Shenanigans by Lulu Valencia
Mouse! by Max Fisher
My First Time was in a Car Park by Phoebe Wood
No More Red by Indy Singh
Noah by Emma Louise Williamson
Noob by Elliott Malone
Not Like Us by Freddie Powell
Only You and Me by Griff Lynch
Opening Night by Rob Harman
Out Line by Ben Harlan
Outlands by Mark Hampton
Overpowered by Michael Bicarregui
Perspective by Montesa
Realness with a Twist by Cass Kaur Virdee
Scone by Sam Towle, Tori Amura
Shake Your Hair by Roberto Vivancos
Step into the Abyss by Vital Stomma
Stir by Tiffany Whitney Chang
Tell Me You Love Me by Paulette Randall MBE
That’s The Spirit by Sarah Phi Martínez
The Abyss by Virag Pazmany, C.A. Cooper
The Black Country Cowboy by Ryan Davis
The Consequence by Kammy Darweish
The Interpreter by Andrea M. Catinella
The Pub by Rosie Wilcox
The Red Diamond Cut by Nickolas Toth
The Visit by Katharina Sporrer
The Winning Lottery Ticket by Natasha Price
Torn by Emily Sewell
Typical? by Sarah Leigh
Under the Skin of a Guild: Wake of Lost Souls by Freddie Leyden
Unthinkable Conversations by Emma Richardson
Wuss by Nadine Wilson
Yours by Flaminia Graziadei

10 Swords & The Moon by Fenella Greenfield
Cookster The Darkest Days by Stephen Edward Roach
Exodus by Serkan Nihat
Fyre Rises by Paul Knight
Just One Last Thing by Alexandra Gillespie
Sparrow’s Call by Tim Kent
The Final Chapter by Jeetendra Pidikiti, Shabeel Dhami
The Long Quiet by Lucy D’Cruz
Warhol by Adam Ethan Crow
The Eye by Daphne Schmon

Pitch Event

The speed-pitching mini-market has been created in collaboration with SMASH, who are a platform dedicated to creating a pitch deck: 


To submit, filmmakers must send their pitch presentations to LIFF via the SMASH platform and projects will be selected according to what the industry professionals are looking for. More information on who will be in attendance and what they are looking for. Please see the programme section for more information.


Past Editions

Best Documentary
Alex Lewis Mountain by Simon Ratigan

Best Micro-Budget Film
Dream Agency by Andy Field & Deborah Pearson

Best Thriller
I Bring Joy by David Stuart Snell

Best UK Film
Love Without Walls by Jane Gull

Best Horror Film
Older Gods by David A. Roberts

Best Sci/Fi Film
Revolution X by Matthew Philip Cannon

Best Debut Feature
To A Cinder by Henry Scriven

Best Short Film: LIFF Award
Can’t Let You Go by Walid Said

Best UK Short: Jury Award
Anna’s Song by Ben Collier & Enrico Luigi Hallworth

Best Short Film: Jury Award
The Women Inside by Bethany Ann McDonald

Best UK Short: Festival Director’s Award
Free by Lauren McLaughlin

Best Short Film: Festival Director’s Award
A Band Apart by Ruth Negasa Hunduma

Best Comedy Short Film
Desires and Delusions by Nicole Sarah Fry

Best Short Documentary
We Move by Souvid “JIJO” Datta

Best Drama Short
Boy in the Back Seat by Scott Pickup

Best Animated Short
Film One (Overcoming Trilogy) by Carcazan

Best Experimental Short
to my dying mother by Johanna von Salmuth

Best Short Short
You’re Alright Hun by Katie-Ann McDonough

Best Horror Short
Terror/Forming by Rylan Friday

Best Sci-Fi Short
The Draft by Raphaela Wagner

Best International Short
That’s Our Time by Alex Backes

Best Music Video
Speed Up (or The History Of Human Inventions) by neer human

Best UK Screenplay
I Bring Joy by David Stuart Snell


A Band Apart by Ruth Negasa Hunduma
A Certain Night by Sumin Kim
A Killer Service by Gio Randazzo
A Love Letter to Depression by Jesse Roth
Abyssal Zone by Antonis Kitsikis
Anna’s Song by Ben Collier & Enrico Luigi Hallworth
Apex by serkan nihat
Barnstorm by James Owen
Blinkers by Kerry Corran
Blueberry Smoothie by Darren Lee Murphy
Boy in the Back Seat by Scott Pickup
Can’t Let You Go by Walid Said
Colour Grading by Rahima Bibi
Counting Fingers by Nicole Atalla
Darlene by Julia-Maria Arnolds
Desires and Delusions by Nicole Sarah Fry
Do Sperm Get Killed By Coffee? by Mojiao Zhou
Doglike by Elias G. Avramidis
Film One (Overcoming Trilogy) by Carcazan
Fly Free by Ann Hawker
For The Lost Ones by Will Hartley
Forbidden Love on the Shores of Greece by Joshua Bransgrove
Free by Lauren McLaughlin
High Pitch by David Michael Hands
Huntsman by James Owen
I Never Had A View by Daniel Aremu
Curious by Rikki Beadle-Blair
Love Locs by Sebastian Tohouri
Mum and Me by Maninderpal Singh Sahota
No Freedom No Art by Pauline Avril Amos
Not The House by Oscar Hudson
November by Armand Christophe Etienne Ariel Daniaud
Obscurus by Marcello Mantero
On My Level by Grace Morgan
Ortolan – Bones and All by Tracy Mathewson
Phonetime by Jordan Chandler
Postcode Beef by Kevin Muendo
Road Kill by Steve Ramsden
Ruby Baby by Lee McQueen
Samuel Coleridge-Taylor: Search for the Blue Note by Stephen Brolan
Sanitising by Stavros Sayas
Séance by Charlie Robb & Douglas Tawn
Sex Fruits by Lee Tatlock & Patrick Regis
Shoot Your Shot by Mishaal Memon
Smile by Jo Smyth
Spare Room by Andrea Johannes
Speed Up (or The History Of Human Inventions) by Neer Human
Supervision by Sophie Colquhoun
Talking Head by Paul Blake
Terror/Forming by Rylan Friday
That’s Our Time by Alex Backes
The Draft by Raphaela Wagner
The Dreamer by Bella Rose
The Fool’s Mate by Cian Llewellyn
The Inside Joke by Comfort Emmanuel
The Rider by Justin Stillmaker
The School System by Jesse Roth
The Sight of Angels by Pasquale Esposito
The Women Inside by Bethany Ann McDonald
To My Dying Mother by Johanna von Salmuth
We Move by Souvid “JIJO” Datta
When it Rains by Hectorq Dockrill
With & Without by Chantal Gold
You’re Alright Hun by Katie-Ann McDonough

Alex Lewis Mountain by Simon Ratigan
Dream Agency by Andy Field & Deborah Pearson
I Bring Joy by David Stuart Snell
Love Without Walls by Jane Gull
Not a Jpeg by Vitor Vilela
Older Gods by David A. Roberts
Revolution X by Matthew Philip Cannon
To A Cinder by Henry Scriven

Best UK Short – Jury Award –Time and Tide — A Trilogy by Justin Spray, Marc Green & Jonathan Stow

Best Debut Short Film — My Baby Cries by Faith Elizabeth

Best Comedy Short Film — Paranormal Investigators by Markus Meedt

Best Short Documentary – Underdogs by Jamie Yuan

Best Drama Short — Beautiful Things by Saudat Sanusi

Best Animated Short – Checkpoint by Jana Kattan

Best Experimental Short – Venetian Men by Celia Willis

Best Thriller Short — Blunt Instrument by Matthew Hill

Best Short Short – Rusty by Zoe Villiers

Best Horror Short – Doghouse by Anabel Kutay

Best Sci-Fi Short – File Not Found by Lindsey Bennet Thompson

Best LGBT+ Short – We Are Bleach by Zoë Greenbaum

Best Short Film: Audience Award – Daughter by Athena Mandis

Audience Award for Best Feature – Six Years Gone by Warren Dudley

Best Sci-Fi/Horror Feature – When the Screaming Starts by Conor Boru

Best Micro-budget Feature – God’s Petting You by Jamie Patterson

Best UK Feature – Much Ado by Anna-Elizabeth Shakespeare and Hillary Shakespeare

Best Feature Documentary – Frank Miller American Genius by Silenn Thomas

Best Music/Dance Feature – Iris Warriors by Roydon Turner

Best Music Video – Relapse by David Lumsden

Best International Screenplay – Rain Come Soon by Sharony Green

Best UK Screenplay – Warm October Nights by A J Roberts

Best Horror/Sci-fi Screenplay – The Virgin by Trysta A. Bissett


  • Allowed by Zillah Bowes 
  • Daffodil by Angelica Cricchio 
  • The Agreement by Ricky James King 
  • Shudder by Rob Ride 
  • Underdogs by Jamie Yuan 
  • We Are Bleach by Zoë Greenbaum 
  • Sweet Potato by Evie Ayres-Townshend 
  • Downward Seb by Vijay D. Varu 
  • Eternal While It Lasts by Dan (demi) Wu 
  • Beautiful Things by Saudat Sanusi 
  • Blunt Instrument by Matthew Hill 
  • Checkpoint by Jana Kattan 
  • Gemstones: Lessons in unconditional love by Kassandra Lauren Gordon 
  • 2020 by Helen Antonio 
  • Playing With Fire by Aaron Bishop 
  • Why Won’t You Talk To Me? by Alessio Morreale 
  • A Normal Night. by Olivia D’Lima 
  • Daughter by Athena Mandis 
  • Fremd bin ich eingezogen (A Stranger I came) by Alison Darke 
  • Gaixia by Jean Camenen 
  • Let Me Ride by Juliette Joy Anquetil 
  • Farewell to a legend: The Last Blast by Bryn Downing 
  • Bad Apples by Bernard Sisay 
  • Paranormal Investigators by Markus Meedt 
  • Stay Outta Sight by Simon Fisher 
  • Doghouse by Anabel kutay 
  • File not Found by Lindsay Bennett-Thompson 
  • Strange Waters by Andy McLeod 
  • Plucking Tangerines by Rossella Di Pietro 
  • Reclaimer by Laurie Waplington 
  • Smooth Ride by Helena Westerman & Finella Waddilove 
  • Time & Tide – A Trilogy by Justin Spray, Marc Green & Jonathan Stow 
  • TimeBus by Robert Patrick Ryan 
  • Terminus by Jamie Weston 
  • Wool by Dympna Jardine 
  • Finding Wilson by Emily M. Smith 
  • Fly a Kite by Oli Game 
  • Granny by Francis Castelli 
  • Littoral by Sergey Irodov 
  • Luzinete by Carla Di Bonito 
  • My Lockdown Stash by Zaki Solosho 
  • Rusty by Zoe Villiers 
  • Fresh Hell Is This by Bernard Visser 
  • Madhero by William Grave 
  • Ówàmbè by Tobi Kyeremateng 
  • Road Trip by Natalie A. Evans 
  • Rwanda Reclaimed by Souvid Datta 
  • PartUs by Joanna Vymeris 
  • Relapse by David Lumsden 
  • Stupid Animal by Alex Hein 
  • Everybody Needs Some(dead)body by George Mills & Hannah Seligman 
  • Point Five by Sam Turner 
  • This is Zoe by Stephen Gallacher 
  • The Hidden Kiss by Rosy Hunt 
  • The Track by Louisa Connolly Burnham 
  • Venetian Men by Celia Willis 
  • What’s Mine Is Mine by Madeleine Beyer 
  • My Baby Cries by Faith Elizabeth 
  • The Mechanical by Andrew Gladman 
  • Unexpired Pleasures by Lehni Lamide Davies 
  • The Outing by Joanne Mitchell
  • No Exit by Caatje Van Leeuwen 
  • Malcolm’s by Louis Peppiatt


  • Much Ado by Anna-Elizabeth Shakespeare and Hillary Shakespeare
  • God’s Petting You by Jamie Patterson
  • Six Years Gone by Warren Dudley
  • Frank Miller American Genius by Silenn Thomas
  • Iris Warriors by Roydon Turner
  • When The Screaming Starts by Conor Boru

Audience Award for Best Feature – Guinea Pig Diaries by Suzanne Mitchell & OIympia Stone

Best Sci-Fi Feature – The Clearing by Stephanie Trainer

Best Micro-budget Feature – Under The Radar By Simon J Frith

Best LGBT Feature – Hometown Proud by Naida Osline & Tyler Stallings

Best Horror Feature – The Horror Crowd by Ruben Pla

Best Low-budget Feature – The Runner by Michelle Danner

Best Feature Documentary – (K)nox by Aaron Truss

Best UK Feature – Give Them Wings by Sean Cronin

Best Short Film: Jury Award – From A to Q by Emmalie El fadli

Best Short Film: Audience Award – Losing Grace by Athena Mandis

Best UK Short – Becoming Everything by Dan Lowënstein

Best Short Documentary – You Can’t Stop Spirit by Vashni Korin

Best Animated Short – Yendor -The Journey of a Junior Adventurer by Rodney Matthews & Sarah Matthews

Best Experimental Short -Skin & Scales by Darcy Wallace

Best Short Short – Benchmarks by William Grave

Best Sci-fi/Horror Short – Koreatown Ghost Story by Minsun Park & Teddy Tenenbaum

Best Music Video – Absence-Présence by Antonino Chiaramonte

Best International Screenplay – Melina Mercouri: I Was Born Greek by Melina Chiaverini

Best UK Screenplay – Bardo by Richard Douglas

Best Horror/Sci-fi Screenplay – Zero Anima by Michael J. Krym

Best UK Short (chosen by Twickenham Studios) – The Snow Maze
Best UK Short (chosen by RODE Microphones) – Prospect
Best UK Short (chosen by Directors UK) – Brother
Best Short Film – The Cunning Man
Best Short Documentary – A Failure Of The Imagination
Best Animated Short – Pei’s Morocco Vlog
Best Experimental Short – StuK
Best Short Short – Next
Best Sci-fi/Horror Short – Bad Dreams
Best Music Video – Idles
Best Low-Budget Feature – Philophobia
Best UK Feature – Kat & The Band
Best Documentary – A Soul Journey
Best Sci-fi/Horror Feature – Reborn
Best Production Design – Palindrome
Best LGBT Feature – Your Eyes On Me
Best Female-Director Feature – L’age D’or/The Golden Age
Best Screenplay – 12 Days by Chari Eglinton
Best Horror/Sci-fi Screenplay – The Dog Star by Laura Matthews
The prizes are as follows and correspond to the chosen 3 winners above:
Best UK Short – Twickenham Studios – a day’s Baselight grade (projected or monitor) with a master file output
Best UK Short – RODE Microphones – RODE VideoMic NTG, WS11 Deadcat, VC1 Cable and a Micro Boompole Pro.
Best UK Short – Directors UK – prize TBC

Best Animated Short – Edward

Best Horror/Sci-fi Short – Child

Best Experimental Short – Ghost Dance

Best LGBTQ Short – Care (ClexaCon)

Best Short Short – Samira

Best Short Documentary – Secret Times

Best UK Short – Held For A Moment (chosen by Directors UK) – The Therapist (chosen by Twickenham Studios) – This Little Death (first choice by RODE) – The Beach House (second choice by RODE) – The Bomb (third choice by RODE).

Best Short – 3 Sleeps (chosen by Kodak)

Best Micro-budget Feature – Soundtrack To Sixteen

Best Low-budget Feature – The Price For Silence

Best International Feature – Frontera

Best Documentary – Pluck

Best LGBT Film – Poised

Best UK Feature – Dead Unicorns

Best Feature Screenplay: Mustache by Laura Murphy & Eileen Mathews

Best UK Screenplay: Cabbie by Kat Magrowitz

Best Sci-Fi/Horror Screenplay: Cove by Thomas O’Malley

Best Short Screenplay: Cut by Emily Hason

Best UK Short – 833

Best Short Documentary – Rebirth Is Necessary

Best Short Short – Mrs Maxwell

Best Short Comedy – The Overcoat

Best Short – Just Molly & Me

Best Horror Short – Bride Of Frankie

Best Music Video – Surrender With Strength

Best Animated Short – Via

Best Newcomer – Natacha Horn for Swing

Best Horror Feature – The Isle

Best UK Feature – Winter Ridge

Best Visuals – Richard Gorodecky for Little Shit

Best Micro-Budget Feature – Luba

Best Low-Budget Feature – Winter Ridge

Best Documentary – Children Of The Snow Land

Best Actor In An International Film – Elon Mulaj for The Albanian Recruit

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